News from Bangabasi College Library NOTICE


I) LIbrary cards will be issued to the students of 1st sem.classes from 09/11/2022 on production of their Acknowledgement card fromthe library counter, according to the following schedule.

 Course.                     Day         Time

*B.Com.(Hons.&Gen.) Mon- 12:15p.m.-1:45p.m.

*B.Sc.(Gen)               Tues- 12:15p.m.-1:45p.m.

*B.Sc.(Hons)             Wed - 12:15p.m.-1:45p.m.

*B.A.(Hons)               Thurs -12:15p.m.-1:45p.m.

*B.A.(Gen)                 Fri -    12:15p.m.-1:45p.m.

II) Library card will be issued to the students of 3rd Sem.&5th Sem. on production of thier Acknowledgement card & library card (current & previous years if any) from the library counter between 2:00p.m. to 4:00p.m.

N.B.- Acknowledgement cards/fee book will be kept in the library for at least 3 working days.

*Read the library rules cerefully.                                                                                       LIBRARIAN



Library cards will be issued to the students of Geography(H),Sociology(H),Computer Science(H)&Economics(H) from 14/11/2022

On production of---------------

*1st year students -> Acknowledgement card

*2nd year & 3rd year students->Acknowledgement card & library card(current&previous years if any)from library counter main building.

*Time-> On all working days from 12:15p.m.to4:00p.m                                                           LIBRARIAN